The BADC And Motorcycle Designer Pierre TerblancheMike Botan/@Ride2ADV | December 9, 2021

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Most people have heard of the Barber Motorsports Park. The “Park,” opened in 2003, is a 17 turn, 2.28 mile (3.83 km) road course designed by Alan Wilson. Also residing in the Park’s complex is the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum.

The museum’s webpage says that the facility is “Dedicated to the preservation, interpretation, exhibition and the history of motorcycles, vintage vehicles, and motorsports. That’s a pretty lofty dedication, and with such a high bar, you might think that there’s not much more that the Park would want to do.

But wait, there’s still more! The folks at Barber have dreamed up another vision for the Park. While the museum houses many motorcycles and exhibits, there’s little about the future of motorcycles. And that’s what their newest “facility” takes on.

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