Barber Advanced Design Center


The Barber Advanced Design Center is the newest addition to the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. The Barber Advanced Design Center was created to inspire new generations of creative thinkers. This high-tech workspace for industrial design exploration includes laser scanning and 3D printing machines, a multimedia hub allowing designers worldwide to collaborate, and an awe-inspiring view of the Barber Motorsports Park race track.

special guests

We inspire the upcoming generations by providing an environment for past and present designers and industry professionals to pass on their knowledge. See past Barber Advanced Design Center speakers.

History of Moto GP Racing by Neil Spalding

SUPERMONO: An Interview with Pierre Terblanche

Pierre Terblanche with Kevin Cameron: The Supermono Concept

A Conversation with Ed Boyd: Fuse Concept

50 Years of Norton Design: Interview with Brian Slark and Mick Oldfield


The restoration of vintage vehicles requires intense research and an often impossible search to find materials no longer in production. The Barber Advanced Design Center supports this process by creating fully-functioning replicas of these unobtainable parts.