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Build your own field trip experience!  Select a tour from our list of themes and pair it with a hands-on activity.  Guided Field Trips are prearranged and take place on weekdays.  All of the pricing listed below is before taxes. If your organization is tax exempt, please submit your tax exemption form upon booking your tour.



  • Guided Student Tours: $10 per student (1 hour)
  • Activities Hour: $5 per student (1 hour)
  • Chaperones: $5
  • Teachers and Bus Drivers: Free


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Contact us at or 205-702-8729.


To customize your field trip, select a tour and activity below:


Pick a tour:


  • Rolling Through Time (Social Studies) – Focus on people, places and events. This tour will take you from the Industrial Revolution through WWII and beyond. Discusses how motorcycles were developed and utilized, as well as how they impacted Alabama, the U.S., and the world. Grades 2-11.
  • Wheels of Technology (Science, Technology, Math & Engineering) – Learn how science, technology, engineering, and math are used in the exciting world of racing. Grades 3-12.
  • Wheels in Motion – Learn how math, science, social studies, English language arts, technology & character education are all used in motorsports. Grades 2-12.
  • Tool Time at Barber – Students explore the museum from a mechanic’s perspective and learn how tools are used in motorsports. Grades K-12.


Pick an activity:


Activities Hour Option 1 (Pairs well with Wheels in Motion & Wheels of Technology)

  • Build-a-Bike Challenge – Students work together with the museum’s restoration crew to build a motorcycle that’s ready to roll!
  • Design-a-Bike – Students create their own bike using clay and other techniques that design engineers use today!
  • Let’s Go Racing! – Students participate in a simulated race using a video game that was filmed on our road course!


Activities Hour Option 2 (Pairs well with Rolling Through Time)

  • Build-a-Vintage-Bike Challenge – Students work together to build vintage motorcycles providing an introduction into the exciting world of motorcycle restoration and research.


Activities Hour Option 3 (Pairs well with Wheels of Technology & Wheels in Motion)

  • CNC Machine Challange – Students see their CAD drawings manufactured with our CNC machines in the Barber Museum machine shop. (Students will be provided with a part to draw before the field trip.)


Activities Hour Option 4 (Pairs well with Wheels of Technology & Wheels in Motion)

  • Diagnose-a-Bike – Students will work together in teams to review a manual, consider their motorcycle’s “symptoms,” determine its diagnosis, and solve the mystery of who owned the bike!