Committed to Restoring Motorsports Treasures

The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum strives to represent the evolution of motorcycles from the turn of the past century until today. To present its collection of motorcycles and cars as accurately as possible, the museum has developed its own restoration facility. Highly skilled technicians make every effort to display each bike and car in the form in which it was originally produced or “period trim.” The mechanical restoration is as important as the cosmetic restoration. The museum has a complete machine shop and fabrication shop that allow for parts no longer available to be recreated and used in the restoration of the vehicles.

At all times, museum guests can gaze down over the restoration facility to see where the work takes place, and if they’re lucky, they just might hear the technicians fire up one of these machines. This is all part of the “living” aspect of the Barber collection, with virtually every vehicle in running condition.