Park Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers play a vital role in the success of the Barber Vintage Festival. We will be enlisting the help of approximately 150 volunteers to work on various committees within the Park and we want to ensure that each individual has a once-in-a-lifetime experience! All volunteers are required to work a minimum of 2 shifts over the course of the weekend.  Shifts are approximately 5-6 hours long but can vary depending on the committee. Volunteers are welcome to work more than 2 shifts if they would like. These volunteer opportunities are separate from the Museum and consist of committees that are stationed around the Barber Motorsports Park. Please visit if you would like to volunteer at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum.


Volunteer registration is now open! Volunteers are asked to purchase a “perks package” when registering. The perks package is $45 and valued at over $300. The perks package includes the following:

      • Event uniform shirt and ballcap
      • Credential good for all 3 days of the Event
      • One three-day onsite parking pass
      • Meals and snacks while on shift
      • One three-day wristband to give to a guest
      • Complimentary on-site tent camping (limited availability)
      • Sunday Parade Lap on your motorcycle (if you complete at least 2 shifts)


Each volunteer is given the opportunity to select up to three committee preferences during registration. Volunteers will be notified of their committee assignment after we receive and process the application. Positions are granted on a first come, first served basis. Once a committee is full, it will no longer be available during registration.


Q: What committees are available?

Admissions – Assist as guests enter the park by scanning their tickets and providing event information.
*Requires extended periods outside
*Requires ability to switch between sitting/standing

A-Team – A “utility” position, A-Team volunteers will perform a variety of tasks throughout the event. This position is ideal for the problem solver that’s not afraid to fill in with different committees at different times
*Requires various levels of abilities based on the assigned task

Ambassadors –
Responsible for marshaling the spectator areas (hillsides and back stretch) to keep pop-up tents behind the designated line, enforcing Park rules and serving as an Event information booth for spectators. The Event information booth is located in the Fan Zone and will require 2-3 people each shift.
*Requires extended periods outside
*Requires ability to move around frequently
*Requires knowledge of the Event

Communications/Shipping and Receiving – Communications is responsible for charging, distributing and handling radios. This committee will also oversee event shipping, receiving and distribution of packages. Must be willing and able to do moderate lifting
*Inside, sitting position

Paddock Credentials – Responsible for collecting signed waivers from spectators entering the Paddock
*Requires extended periods outside
*Requires ability to switch between sitting/standing

Paddock Club Hospitality – Responsible for maintaining the flow and upkeep of the Paddock Club hospitality area – greet guests, provide information, assist with keeping tables cleaned off and making sure the amenities in the restrooms are replenished
*Inside position
*Requires ability to move around frequently

Paddock Marshals – Responsible for pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the Paddock
*Requires extended periods outside and standing
*Requires knowledge of Event participants’ movement
*Requires ability to focus on several moving objects at once to keep spectators and participants safe

Product Distribution – Responsible for making sure all coolers are filled and replenished with ice and drinks throughout the day
*Requires extended periods outside
*Requires moderate lifting

Race Control Security – Responsible for checking credentials and monitoring security at the Race Control Building
*Requires extended periods outside
*Requires ability to switch between sitting/standing
*Requires close proximity to increased noise

Volunteer Headquarters – Responsible for checking-in volunteers, distributing meal vouchers, assisting volunteers to get to their committee location, setting up food for meals, selling/exchanging volunteer merchandise and packets, and more


Q: How do I know my committee assignment?
Once you’ve completed your online registration and your payment has been processed, you will receive an email confirming your selection as a volunteer and assigning you to a committee. Committee assignments are available on a first come, first served basis. As the event gets closer and needs in areas change, committee assignments could change. We try to give you your first choice but guarantee one of your top 3 choices.

"Day Of" Information

Q: Where should I go to check-in?
You must stop by Will Call (Hampton Inn | 310 Rex Lake Rd. Leeds, AL 35094) prior to or on the way in for your first shift to get your perks package. This package includes your credential to grant you admission into the Park. When you arrive, you will check-in at Volunteer Headquarters located in Building 2. You must check in at VHQ before each shift, you don’t need to check out. When you check in, you will receive a lunch voucher and be taken/directed to your committee location. You will also receive specific committee training at this time.

Q: How early should I arrive for my scheduled shift?
Please make sure you arrive early enough to check in and get to your assigned location. Your shift start time is the time you need to be at your post. Please check-in at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your shift. Consider the possibility of heavy traffic coming into the Park and how it will affect your commute. Also, we ask that if you’re planning on eating in VHQ before your shift begins, please make sure you allow plenty of extra time to dine.

Q: What do I wear?
You’re required to wear the 2023 volunteer uniform shirt that you will receive in your Perks Package (a previous year’s shirt is NOT acceptable). If you wear headwear, please wear the 2023 uniform ballcap in your Perks Package. Headwear isn’t required. Please wear comfortable bottoms that are weather appropriate. Please wear closed-toe shoes. You are welcome to wear any outerwear that is needed based on the weather forecast (rain jacket, poncho, jacket, etc.).

Q: What should I bring?
We will have sunscreen and bug spray for you to use at VHQ. If you think you will need more during the day, you may want to bring your own. All volunteers will have access to a water cooler within walking distance through their shift. Some positions (such as Paddock Marshals) may wish to bring a chair and/or a personal cooler to keep water with them cold. Other positions will have access to seats for periodic sitting.

Q: What do I do for breakfast/lunch?
Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided in VHQ on the days of your shift(s). Once you check in for your shift each day, you will be given a lunch voucher for that day. You must present this to go through the lunch line in VHQ.

Q: What are the VHQ hours?
VHQ is open each day from 6:30 am-5: 30 pm.

Q: What are the meal times in VHQ?
For days you’re on shift, meals are provided in VHQ:
Breakfast & coffee: 6:45 am
Lunch: 11:00 am – 1:30 pm


Q: Is there a fee to volunteer?
The Volunteer Perks Package is available for $45. You can view the “Volunteer Perks Package” section below to see what’s included in your package.

Q: Is there a volunteer registration deadline?
Please check back for the registration deadline.

Q: Is there a minimum age requirement to volunteer?
Yes, you must be 18 years or older to volunteer.

Q: How many shifts do I have to work?
We ask that you commit to at least 2 shifts during the weekend (there is a maximum of 6 shifts). You are welcome to work more than 2 shifts.


Q: How do I know my schedule?
Your committee chairperson will use the information you provide during registration (how many shifts you would like to work and what shifts you are available to work) to schedule you. Your schedule will be available for viewing 2-3 weeks prior to the Event by logging into your online volunteer account (where you registered).

Q: Can I be scheduled at the same time as my spouse, friend, etc.?
We will make every effort to accommodate your scheduling requests if you both are signed up for the same committee. Make sure to list your request on your registration form and select similar availability to the person you wish to work with during the Event. If you are not on the same committee, we may not be able to accommodate this request.

Q: What if I have questions about my schedule?
Log into your volunteer account and contact your committee chairperson. Their contact information is available after logging in on your home screen towards the bottom of the page.

Volunteer Perks Package

Q: What is included in the Volunteer Perks Package?
The Volunteer Perks Package is valued at over $300 and includes:

    • Event uniform shirt and ballcap
    • Credential good for all 3 days of the Event
    • One three-day onsite parking pass
    • Meals and snacks while on shift
    • One three-day wristband to give to a guest
    • Complimentary on-site tent camping
    • Sunday Parade Lap on your motorcycle (if you complete at least 2 shifts)

Q: How do I get my Volunteer Perks Package amenities?

You will pick up your credential, parking pass, uniform shirt, uniform hat, and guest wristband at Will Call (Hampton Inn | 410 Rex Lake Rd., Leeds, AL 35094). Your credential will serve as your admission through the gates. Will Call hours are below.

  • Will Call Hours
    • Thursday, October 8: 6am-6pm
    • Friday, October 9: 6am-6pm
    • Saturday, October 10: 6am-6pm
    • Sunday, October 11: 6am-12pm
  • Your tent camping pass (if needed) will be in your packet you pick up from Will Call.


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Volunteering for the Barber Vintage Festival is not tax-deductible and is not associated with the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum.