Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate fan extravaganza! Our Fan Zone isn’t just about browsing merchandise— it’s a high-energy hub where vendors bring the excitement to a whole new level. From giveaways to interactive thrills, discover a world where the excitement never stops, and every moment is filled with fun and adventure!

Kids Zone: 

Bring your kids to the Kids Zone. Filled with an array of gigantic inflatables, it’s a fun and laughter-filled paradise for kids of all ages. From thrilling inflatable obstacle courses to massive bounce houses, the Kids Zone promises endless fun and adventure.

Globe of Death: 

The Urias Family Globe of Death is proud to be performing in the original Globe that was built by their great-grand father almost 100 years ago. The daredevil stunts are performed within the confines of a 16-foot diameter Globe.  

Wall of Death: 

The American Motor Drome Company’s Wall of Death showcases daredevil motorcycle stunts on a 30-foot wooden cylinder. Featuring antique motorcycles and hand-built racing machines, the show offers thrilling action. Watch from the Fan Zone atop a 14-foot board wall, accessible at Tran Stop 2.