October 6, 7, & 8, 2023

Important Changes

Stay Current on Important Information


You will receive your wristbands and parking decals in the mail. If you do not receive them within 15 days of ordering, please contact tickets@zoommoto.com. All tickets ordered after September 23rd will be left at Will Call located at the Hampton Inn on Rex Lake Road, which is directly across from the Main Entrance of Barber Motorsports Park.

You will need to have your credentials (your wristband and/or parking pass) with you to get onto Barber Motorsports Parkway and into the park. Please be prepared. You will receive your credentials in the mail in September, so please be on the lookout.

To pick up your wristband or parking pass credentials in person during the event, you must go to the ticket office located at the Hampton Inn, in Leeds, Alabama. All credentialing during the event will take place there.

You will not be allowed on Barber Motorsports Parkway without the proper credentials. For motorcyclists, this would be your wristband. For all other vehicles, this would be your wristband(s) and parking pass. Please keep all credentials on you at all time.

Will-call will be located at the Leeds Hampton Inn. Free offsite parking will be located across from the entrance of Barber Motorsports Parkway.

If you choose to park in our free offsite parking on Friday or Saturday, you will purchase your wristband and then park in Lot F. There will be a complimentary shuttle to take you to Tram Stop 1. You can then utilize the tram service to get around the facility.



Wednesday, October 5, 2022 & Thursday, October 6, 2022: All vendor credentials must be picked up in Lot G at the Barber Motorsports Park between the hours of 8am – 6pm. Please keep all credentials on you at all times.

Friday, October 7 – Sunday October 9, 2022: All vendor credentials must be picked up at the Hampton Inn, in Leeds, Alabama. Please keep all credentials on you at all times.


Motorcycles can park onsite for free during all three days of the Barber Vintage Festival. For the safety of you, your motorcycle, and the other guests, please be respectful and park within the designated (or otherwise marked) areas.

All other vehicles must purchase an onsite parking pass to park at Barber Motorsports Park on FRIDAY and SATURDAY. Parking passes will be shipped to purchasers in September. Onsite parking passes are available on a very limited basis. All other guests will receive complimentary parking in our Lot G parking lot.

Please note that all vehicles MUST be out within two hours of the last race completing to avoid being towed.

On SUNDAY, onsite parking will be free for all vehicles. Shuttle service will not be available on Sunday.

There will be ADA parking onsite with a purchased parking pass. If you choose not to purchase a parking pass, an ADA-accessible shuttle can bring you onsite to Barber Motorsports Park on Friday/Saturday.


This year, all tent camping will be located in Lot B. This will be the only lot that is designated for tent camping.

Motorhome camping will be located in Upper Lot D, Lot C and Lot A.