Judging: What to expect

One of the most important aspects of this event is the judging of vehicles. Holding these vehicles to a much higher standard is what sets this event it apart. While there are many approaches that can be taken, it is important to know what to expect as an entrant.

Our judges will evaluate each vehicle in the “French Style;” that is to say they will be more interested in elegance, style, condition, back story and, most importantly, the owner’s passion for the vehicle.

Every piece that goes on show should have an emotional connection not only to the owner but also to those that view it. Understanding why a particular vehicle has created such a bond with its owner will hold sway over some of the judging. After-all, it is the heartfelt connection and passion for one’s vehicle that really bring a concours to life.

We are all enthusiasts of the sport and, since this track is open, why not use it. Entrants will have the opportunity to display their vehicle, in a spirited parade on the track during the event. Extra points will be given for those that do.

It is our thought that the primary reason for displaying a vehicle at our show is to share it with the public. Allowing people who may have never seen a motorcycle or car like yours or may never otherwise have that opportunity is our goal. We want every person to leave with a greater appreciation for the design, beauty, and function of these vehicles.