Barber on the Road

These portable museum programs can be brought to your location or instructed virtually. Enjoy a unique Barber experience without having to travel! We offer a variety of motorsports-themed STEM topics that coincide with the Alabama Course of Study Standards and focus on Critical Standards.


  • $100 per 30 students, includes materials and instructor

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Contact us at or 205-702-8729.

Barber on the Road Programs:

  • Tool Talk (Ages 3-6, Engineering)  Students learn how tools and simple machines are used in motorsports by participating in story time and by practicing with real tools on our motorcycle models.
  • Motorcycle Engineers (Kindergarten, Science and Math)  Students explore and conduct experiments to learn how science, math, and simple machines create exciting motorsports moments.
  • Motorcycle Designers (1st Grade, Science)  Students will think like engineers as they evaluate the different materials used  in motorsports design and create their own models.
  • Motorcycles and Matter (2nd Grade, Science)  Students will think like engineers as they explore how the states of matter and different materials are used in motorcycle construction by designing their own models.
  • Newton’s Laws of Drag Racing (3rd Grade, Science)  Students explore how force, motion, design, and weather all impact the sport of drag racing.  By designing and testing their own drag bike, students will see these principles come to life.
  • Fuel Steam Ahead (4th and 5th Grade, Science)  Students learn about the future of racing by exploring the many sustainable solutions available in racing today and by participating in our “Battery-Up Activity.”
  • Design-A-Bike (K-5th Grade) Students will gain hands-on learning experience as they learn to think like engineers.