Creating at Barber

To Be Announced

A Creator/Maker Event in 2019!

At Barber Motorsports Park, we create and make every day, and we enjoy seeing the work of other artisans as well. Because of this, we are considering hosting a Creator/Maker Event in 2019!

As we consider potential dates for such as event, we want your thoughts! Let us know if you're interested as a creator OR as a spectator. Would you want to display your work? Would you want to demonstrate your methods? Please fill out this form to tell us more.

Here Are Some of Our Thoughts...

When you think of the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, beautifully restored motorcycles and cars come to mind. Perhaps your thoughts travel to the interesting or even radically-designed sculptures, and beyond that - to Barber Motorsports Park's picturesque landscape.

As a whole, restorations can involve metallurgy, blacksmithing, textile work, machining, hand painting, mold-making, and many other such skills.

Sculptures may also require metal work and fabrication skills, and often encompass design and stone work as well.

Outdoors, the landscaping may include building design, stone and concrete work, engineering, and other skills.

Many of the aspects that make the vehicles, sculptures, and landscaping an art form here at the park and museum were created/made by local artisans and craftspeople.