Park Rules & Information

Spectator Information

• Ride the Tram. Trams are provided free of charge so you can move easily around the Park. Trams stop at parking lots, viewing areas, concession areas, and the paddock. It’s the way to go!
• Cameras, lawn chairs, and blankets are welcome!
• Bring ON the Motorcycles. The Barber Motorsports Park welcomes motorcycles to conveniently park in designated parking areas.
• Bring your radio. The Barber Motorsports Park has its own dedicated FM frequency--93.1 FM. Tune in to the race announcers for all the racing action.
• Pop-up tents can be used in designated locations around the Park. Please note that pop-up tents are no longer permitted along the back straightaway.
• Please have your tickets with you at all times. 

Facility Information

• Management may expel or bar any individual for violation of any rule, as determined by management's sole discretion.
• No flyers or handbills may be distributed unless prior approval is obtained from management.
• Minors are not allowed to operate bicycles at any time anywhere at BMP.
• No campfires or ground fires allowed on park property. Charcoal grills are allowed only in camping areas. Propane grills are allowed in the paddock.
• No stakes of any kind may be driven into paved surfaces; care must be taken when vehicle jacks are used to prevent the jack from sinking into a paved surface. Kickstands on asphalt must have something under them to distribute the weight. 
• Coolers are allowed, but are subject to search by Park security or Park management.
• Legally possessed and consumed beer and wine are allowed as long as not to excess. Alcohol is not allowed in the paddock.
• Glass containers are prohibited.
• All personal vehicles must be street legal, licensed and operated by a licensed driver. Spectators are not permitted the use of four-wheelers, dirt bikes, or other unlicensed motorbikes of any type.
• Helmets must be worn on perimeter road at all times when operating two wheeled motorized vehicles.
• No skateboards.
• No personal golf carts allowed.
• Pets are not allowed except those required to assist individuals with disabilities.
• All campers must display their camping passes in plain view at all times.
• All campers must vacate by Monday at 10:00 am CT.
• Campers with paddock passes may use the paddock shower facilities from 6-7 a.m. and 7-9 p.m.
• Spectators are not allowed to rope off any areas.
• Scaffolding is prohibited.
• Fireworks and firearms are strictly prohibited.
• No abusive behavior or unlawful activities will be tolerated. Either could result in ejection and/or arrest. 
• No unlawful activities. Federal, state, and local laws must be obeyed.
• Place trash in trash receptacles.
• No loud music or music with obscenities permitted at any time.
• Do not damage grassy areas.
• Smoking in any building is strictly prohibited. Please do not throw cigarettes on the ground.
• No banners or printed material may be hung or placed on any of the Park’s facilities or structures without prior written consent by the Park.
• No fence jumping.
• Barber Motorsports Park is a family-friendly facility. No unlawful activities will be tolerated. The Park may expel or bar any individual for violation of any rule as determined by the Park’s sole discretion.
• No Drones.
• Speed limits: posted speed limits must be obeyed at all times. Where not posted otherwise, speed limit is fifteen (15) miles per hour throughout the BMP Perimeter Rd. and five (5) miles per hour in the Paddock. 

Paddock Rules

• Paddock access is available to anyone over the age of 19 who has signed a waiver and received proper credentials. Minors, those 18 & under, must be accompanied at all times by a parent or legal guardian who must sign the waiver on their behalf. The paddock area can be dangerous. The paddock serves as an outside work station or garage for all race teams. Cars and motorcycles will be moving through the paddock area to get to and from the hot pit area. Everyone must be cautious and aware of their surroundings.
• Pay attention to Paddock Marshals at all times.
• Cars and motorcycles always have the right of way.
• No alcohol in paddock.
• No smoking around team areas or fueling areas.
• No glass containers.
• Teams are working. Please respect their space.
• No Drones.
• No pets allowed.
• No bikes, roller blades, scooters, skateboards, skates, etc.
• No unauthorized vehicles.
• Credentials must be visible at all times.
• Paddock credentials are not transferable. Do not give to anyone else.
• Ear protection and closed toe shoes are advised in the paddock.

October 5, 6, & 7, 2018